The Future of Wine Investing

Securitized Fine Wine Investing

Vint is the first fully transparent wine investment platform enabling you to own SEC-qualified shares of the best wines in the world.

World Class French Wines

Why Invest in Wine?

For over 120 years, wine returns have outpaced art, bonds, and other alternative investments. Less volatile than stocks, wine investments have historically offered consistent returns that are not correlated with traditional markets. This combination of stability and profitability makes wine the ultimate portfolio diversification asset.

Data from Liv-ex 1000 and Yahoo Finance
This is historical data, not forward looking data related to Vint offerings.


Not Correlated With Traditional Markets


Low Volatility


Historically Strong Returns


Downside Protection


Limited Supplies, Global Demand

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Recent Collections

Vint's team of industry experts constructs and curates collections of the best wines in the world with a focus on quality, provenance, value, and market demand.


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Recent Collections
Our Technology

We're On A Mission

Our mission is to make the wine market investable efficiently. We do this by increasing transparency, promoting diversification, removing barriers to entry, and putting the choice in the hands of our investors.


Vint collections are SEC-qualified and completely transparent. We provide our investment thesis and data to support each collection.

Low Barriers

Getting into a wine or spirits investment typically cost investors tens of thousands of dollars, with Vint shares can be priced as low as $25. If you are investing on your own, you would have to contend with storing and insuring your purchases, but Vint does that for you. We make the process easy.

No Annual Fees

Vint takes no annual fees. We align our incentives with investors by taking a sourcing fee & buying shares alongside our investors.

Investing in Wine has Never Been Easier


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All past and upcoming collections are available . For upcoming collections, details are made available 5-7 days ahead of launch. Past investors will have access to reserving shares prior to public release.


Build A Balanced Portfolio

With Vint, you have the ability to buy shares in collections of the best wines in the world, build a diverse wine and spirits portfolio, or only invest in your favorite region, the choice is yours!

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