About Us

Our Mission

Vint is the first transparent, self-directed platform for anyone to invest in the wine & spirits market. Gone are the days of 5-figure initial investments, black-box investment platforms, and exclusivity. Vint democratizes the fine wine & spirits investment market.

The Vint Brand


You should know what you are investing in before you make an investment. Vint offerings are fully transparent. We lay out our investment thesis and the supporting data so that you can make an informed decision.


Everyone should have access to investable wine & spirits. Beyond access, we believe community is vital. Vint removes all barriers to entry to this market while putting the community first when making collection decisions.


The wine & spirits investment process should be efficient. Our investment process is quick, simple, and efficient. We provide access to many different wine offerings, making it easy to create a diversified wine portfolio.


Content on the wine and spirits market should be clear and non-intimidating. Vint offers educational write-ups, webinars, and community discussions for anyone. From the wine investment novice to experts we value education.

The Team

Nick KingCo-founder & CEO

Experience in value investing and financial markets

Patrick SandersCo-founder & CTO

Experience in data engineering and software development

Amy Christine, MWInvestment Committee

Experience in fine wine & growing. 1 of 57 US Master of Wines

Miles DavisInvestment Committee

Experience managing a $30m fine wine investment fund

Kevin SiddersInvestment Committee

Experience in investment banking and fine wine imports

Adam Lapierre, MWInvestment Committee

Experience in fine wine investing. 1 of 57 US Master of Wines

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We love talking to the Vint community about investing, wine, or whatever questions you may have for us.