Our Advantage

Efficient investing in wine & spirits.

Vint eliminates friction in wine investing by creating a seamless platform where investors can get exposure to the wine and spirits market without any of the hassle.

Vint makes it simple

To invest in assets comparable to those on the Vint Platform, investors would need to manage:

  • Regulation, Logistics, and Insurance

    Manage the movement and storage of assets while maintaining compliance with regulation.

  • Asset Selection

    Stay on top of trends, producer developments, and climate impacts to identify opportunities

  • Global Trading Infrastructure

    Vint manages partnerships with retailers, distributors, merchants and negociants to acquire and sell assets.

With the help of Vint
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Diversify your portfolio with wine and spirits.

  • Logistics, Storage & Insurance
  • Expert Knowledge
  • Access to Top Assets
  • Thematic Collections

Source: Liv-Ex

Portfolio Efficiency

According to Cambridge, over the last 121 years the fine wine market has returned 8.5% annually. The fine wine and spirits market has a long track record of returns.

Some of the most attractive assets in fine wine and spirits are incredibly expensive, but also consistently produce the best returns. Individual bottles of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti can cost upwards of $35k a bottle. If an investor wanted access to a case of DRC as an investment and wanted a maximum 5% exposure to fine wine and spirits, that same investor would need a minimmum $2MM portfolio if investing alone or with traditional wine asset managers. At Vint, we offered exposure to this incredible asset at $100/share.

Support for IRAs, LLCs, and Trusts

At Vint, we believe that regulation protects investors. All investments at Vint are subject to SEC rules and regulations. Check out all of Vint's filings on the SEC's website.

Wine and spirits are typically longer held assets with stable returns and low correlation to traditional assets, which makes them a great addition to a retirement portfolio. Without Vint, investors are restricted from investing in wine and spirits with retirement accounts. Because Vint offers securities, investors using investment vehicles such as LLC’s, trusts, SDIRA’s and more are able to access our offerings. Investors looking to deploy $100K+ or invest with alternative investment vehicles are encouraged to schedule a time withour investment team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Isn’t owning physical cases and bottles (rather than shares) less risky for my portfolio?

    For most investors, owning a large number of cases from a diverse range of blue-chip producers and regions is simply not feasible. Since some of the best-performing investable wines in the world (like DRC Romanée Conti) can cost upwards of $85,000 for a three-bottle case, it is imperative that investors have exposure to these wines in a cash-efficient manner. With Vint, owning shares in diversified collections ensures that you are exposed to premium assets right away, without the burden of whole-bottle costs. A single share investment in each of Vint’s first 45 collections would have cost $2,856, thus providing diverse exposure to 327 unique labels and more than 5,500 bottles. On the flip side, accumulating a portfolio of that breadth and quality would have cost more than $4.3M when purchasing the physical assets on your own. Before Vint, the cost of diversification into this market was extremely high, but our approach provides access without betting all of your cash on one top asset.

  • What’s the difference between Vint’s assets and the assets I could buy on my own or with other firms?
  • How does Vint demonstrate alignment with investors? Does Vint buy shares as well?
  • Still have questions?

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