Our Process

How Vint's Process Works

Vint's collection curation approach to wine and spirits investing sets us apart.


Building a Collection

Vint’s sourcing team leverages extensive market research to curate and source each collection. Vint works within its global network of merchants, auction houses, negociants, and producers to acquire assets with impeccable provenance. All assets are insured and maintained in professional climate-controlled storage facilities.


Launching a Collection

Vint creates collections that vary by size, theme, and asset. To date, Vint has offered collections ranging from wine, spirits, wine futures, and whisky casks.

Due to buying power and industry relations, Vint often acquires assets below fair market value. The share price for each collection includes the acquisition cost of the underlying assets, as well as fees to cover storage, insurance, sourcing expenses and filing fees. Vint files with the SEC to qualify these collections and ensure all regulations are met before accepting investment.


Exiting a Collection

Like real estate and art, wine and spirits are typically medium to long-term investments. Each collection will have an expected exit date, but these are estimates and actual sale may occur before or after that date. After investment, no further action is required from investors.

Vint monitors market conditions to exit part or all assets of a collection. Any asset sales and distributions are announced on a quarterly basis.

When assets from a collection are sold, proceeds are returned to shareholders on a pro-rata basis. If the assets do not appreciate, there may not be sufficient proceeds from the sale of the underlying assets to repay investors the amount of their initial investment. Gains are considered qualified dividends, if held longer than 120 days. Investors will receive will receive a 1099-DIV tax form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do you partner with to acquire and sell assets?

    Vint works with an extensive chain of merchant partners both in the US and abroad to source and sell assets. We use these trusted networks to ensure the provenance of our assets. Check out our blog on provenance to learn more.

  • Who manages the process of asset acquisition and sale?
  • When do I get funds back and how long is the hold?