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Assets in 2019 California Cults Collection

2019 California Cults Collection

37 unique wines from 20 of California’s most sought-after Cult Producers form the 2019 vintage

$100,000Collection Value
1,000Total Shares
208Total Bottles
2025-2028Estimated Sale
$100Share Price

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Key Highlights

Instant California Diversification

Featuring 208 bottles from 20 producers from top producers across the state of California, the 2019 California Cults Collection offers the opportunity to instantly add a diverse basket of wine representing the best of the 2019 vintage to your portfolio.

Access to Allocated Wines

Many of the wines featured in this collection are available via allocation only upon release. Building a portfolio similar to this collection would require extensive annual spending in order to access the same number of assets from a single vintage.

Top Wines From A Standout Year

The 2019 vintage has been lauded as one of the top vintages for regions across California over the past ten years and was scored among the top five Napa vintages of the past 25 years. Nine of the wines included in this collection scored 99-points or better, including two 100-point wines, the Colgin Cabernet Sauvignon Tychson Hill and Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Collection Description

California cult wineries are nearly as notorious for their long waitlists and limited allocations as they are lauded for the quality of their wines. While this distribution bottleneck may benefit the wines' performance on the secondary market, it makes it nearly impossible for investors to amass a significant collection of any single recent vintage.

Consisting of 208 bottles from 20 producers, the Vint 2019 California Cults Collection offers a diversified portfolio of top Napa wines that have been curated by experts rather than dictated by allocations from wineries. The result is a basket that features not only top Napa producers but also coveted cult producers from the Central Coast of California, Sine Qua Non and Saxum.

The 2019 vintage, highly acclaimed by critics, has been ranked among the top five Napa vintages of the past 25 years by Wine Advocate. From this exceptional vintage, the collection features nine wines that received scores of 99 points or higher, including two perfect 100-point wines: the Colgin Cabernet Sauvignon Tychson Hill and Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.

Furthermore, the desirability of these 2019 California cult wines is enhanced by the fact that fires in Napa Valley during 2017 and 2020 significantly limited yields, affected quality, and resulted in restricted supplies of certain wines.

In conclusion, for those seeking to invest in California's finest wines, the Vint 2019 California Cults Collection presents a unique value proposition. This collection offers a diversified portfolio of wines from 20 top California producers, all from an outstanding vintage, carefully curated by experts to maximize diversification and value.