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Cristal Champagne Collection

An Exceptional Selection of Cristal Recent Vintages

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Key Highlights

One of the Top Performing Wine Regions of the Past 2-Years

Champagne has been the second-best performing wine region over the past 24 months, gaining 59%, and being outpaced only by red hot Burgundy. This strong growth has been driven by the performance of the top wines from the region, including Cristal, with the 2008 vintage in the top-5 performers over the past two years.

Top Scoring Champagnes from Standout Vintages

The wines included in this collection were among the top-scored wines of each vintage, with an average score of 98-points. 2013 and 2008 saw Cristal's Blanc and Rosé tied for the second and third-best scores of the entire vintage. The 2008 Rose' scored 100-points and was described by the Wine Advocate's William Kelley as "one of the finest wines produced by any of Champagne's important houses in the last two or three decades."

Cristal Champagnes Are Iconic

Cristal Blanc and Rosé are the “tête de cuvee” of the Louis Roederer Champagne house and are two of the most iconic collectible Champagnes. Louis Roederer comes in at #7 on the Liv-ex Brand Power 100 Index, only behind Dom Perignon as the top Champagne. This ranking is largely driven by Cristal, which has multiple wines ranked in the top 10 for both value and volume sold.

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Collection Description

In 1924, Louis Roederer's Cristal became the first prestige bottling or "tête de cuvee" launched by a Champagne house. Over the last 98 years, Cristal and its rare rosé version, which is only produced in tiny quantities in certain vintages, have been considered among the finest Champagnes in the world. Separating themselves from many of the other major Champagne houses, Louis Roederer has made vineyard ownership and close vineyard management a point of pride over the years. This vineyard-focus continues with extensive sustainability efforts and the implementation of biodynamic farming practices in multiple plots, which have produced exceedingly positive results.

This collection features a hand-picked selection of four top vintages from the last fifteen years. With an average score of 98.07-points from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, both Cristal and Cristal Rosé have been setting the pace for prestige Champagne quality in recent years. Acclaimed Champagne and Burgundy critic William Kelley described the 2008 Cristal Rosé as "one of the finest wines produced by any of Champagne's important houses in the last two or three decades'' and then went on to describe the 2013 Rosé as "another banner vintage for what I consider the reigning champion of the region's tête de cuvée bottlings" and "a candidate for wine-of-the-vintage honors in Champagne."

This high praise led Cristal to be one of the top-traded Champagnes by value in 2022. The brand prestige, chart-topping scores, and strong performance have solidified Cristal's position, not only as one of the top Champagnes in the world but as one of the most collectible fine wines in the world. Louis Roderer is currently ranked #7 overall on the Liv-ex Brand Power Index.

Cristal's performance is part of sustained broader interest in the Champagne category from collectors and investors across the secondary market. Champagne has been the second best performing wine region over the past 24 months, up 59% as measured by the Liv-ex Champagne 50 Index.

As a category of wine with strong global worldwide demand that has led to solid growth and high liquidity, Champagne has emerged as an increasingly important investment category. The Vint Cristal Collection offers the opportunity to invest in the best recent vintages of both the blanc and rose cuvees from the Champagne house that has become one of the benchmarks for the region.