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Assets in Lafite Rothschild 2019 Collection

Lafite Rothschild 2019 Collection

Wines From One of Bordeaux's Most Well Known Estates

$46,000Collection Value
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2024 - 2027Estimated Sale
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Key Highlights

Lafite: 2021 #2 Overall Liv-Ex Brand Power Index

Château Lafite was ranked #2 overall on Liv-ex’s Brand Power 100 list in 2021 and is ranked as the #3 Bordeaux in 2022. These rankings position Lafite as one of the top-ranking wines in the world both in terms of total sales volume and value.

100-Point Score for 2019 from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

The 2019 Château Lafite is only the fourth vintage to be awarded 100-points by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate in the past forty years. This perfect score works to compound the inherent value already garnered by the powerful Lafite brand in the eyes of both collectors and investors.

2019 Lafite Currently Priced Below Fair-Market Value

According to Liv-ex, the 2019 Château Lafite is currently trading at 4.39% below fair market value. The fair market value is calculated based on the wine’s current market price and critic score in relation to past Lafite vintages and historical performance data.

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Collection Description

Lafite Rothschild has long been a staple of Blue Chip wine investing. This First Growth Bordeaux was the most traded wine brand in the first half of 2022 on Liv-ex. The history of the estate dates back all the way to the 1600s, and our own Thomas Jefferson became a particular fan after visiting in the 1780’s. Purchased by Baron James de Rothschild in 1868, the estate has only gained more prestige through time, and is part of the foundation of today’s Bordeaux market. Quality is second to none for this Bordeaux red blend, with remarkable ageability, and a potential drinking window going all the way into the 2060s.

This is a wine with a rich history, and an established place on the secondary market. Trade developments in the 21st century have helped drive the investment case for this wine even further.

After Hong Kong dropped its tariffs on wine and spirits in the early 2000’s, the market expanded for what were already some of the most sought-after fine wines in the world. Chief beneficiary among them has been Lafite Rothschild, which is largely considered to be the most desired Bordeaux by Asian markets. In 2021, Lafite topped the list as the wine most traded by value in Asia, beating the likes of DRC, Petrus, and other Bordeaux First Growths. This popularity helped Lafite Rothschild rise to second place on the Liv-ex 100 brand power rankings that year.

Vint’s collection is of a single vintage; the 2019. This investment thesis revolves around the continuing demand for this wine on international markets, coupled with the quality of our selected vintage. 2019 was only the fourth vintage of Lafite Rothschild to score 100 points from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate in the last forty years. The famed wine publication called the vintage “One of the greatest wines produced in Bordeaux this year” and being an “impeccably balanced classic of immense charm and grace.” For collectors and investors, this makes the 2019 particularly appealing. Lafite is already highly coveted within the burgeoning Asian market, and the addition of a perfect 100 point score makes the vintage a standout opportunity for collectors and investors alike.

Over the last two years, the 2019 vintage has seen its market value increase 21.7% on Liv-ex. Even after this run, The wines comprising our collection are trading at appealing valuations relative to the two other most recent 100-point vintages of Lafite Rothschild, and represent an opportunity for value. In fact, according to Liv-ex, the 2019 vintage is trading at 4.39% below fair market value, based on a comparison of scoring from Wine Advocate.

In a time when Bordeaux’s total share of the secondary market is declining, the First Growths such as Lafite Rothschild remain steadfast. Factor in the dominant trading that Lafite has had through the first half of 2022, increasing brand power, broadened international demand, and advantageous market pricing relative to comparable vintages, and you have a long list of factors making this Lafite collection a compelling value play for investors.