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Assets in 2015 Latour Collection

2015 Latour Collection

The Latest Release From Famed First-Growth Château Latour

$82,000Collection Value
820Total Shares
120Total Bottles
2025 - 2028Estimated Sale
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Key Highlights

One Of The Original First Growths

Way back in the 1855 Bordeaux Classification, Chateau Latour was named one of the original First Growths. Founded over a century before this classification, Château Latour was recognized as a premier producer, and ever since, its wines have consistently commanded strong demand and premium prices.

Most Recent Release + Very Limited

Since it left the en primeur system after the 2012 vintage, Latour relases its vintages much later than the other First Growth. As a result of their more targeted and delayed release strategy, there is reduced supply, and the wines are more narrowly distributed. This may accelerate price appreciation relative to other prior releases. The 2015 vintage featured in this collection is the latest release, and at the time of writing, there are only 38 US listings compared to an average number of 128 listings for the other four First Growth Bordeaux.

Quality and Ageability

The 2015 Chateau Latour received 98 points from Wine Advocate and an average of 97 points from all critics. Vinous’s Neal Martin describes the wine as being “blessed with a refined and focused bouquet: perfumed blackberry and raspberry scents, iodine, pine, and light pencil shaving aromas” and as a “sublime First Growth will cruise for many years. This average score puts the 2015 vintage on par with the 2009 vintage in terms of quality, but in terms of price, the 2015 is trading at 42.43% below the 2009, which demonstrates the relative value to be had via the vintage.

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Collection Description

Chateau Latour is one of the original First Growths from Bordeaux’s original 1855 Classification. This blue-chip producer commands a high level of respect and demand from collectors and investors alike. Latour is currently the #5 most popular brand in Bordeaux on Wine Searcher and is ranked in the top 25 on the Liv-ex Brand Power 100, which lists the top 100 wine brands in the world.

This collection consists of 120 bottles, making it an attractive single-vintage asset to add to the portfolio. The chateau has a rich history of excellence, dating back to its classification as one of the original First Growths in the 1855 Bordeaux Classification. The 2015 vintage of Chateau Latour is the most recent physical release available due to the chateau leaving the En Primeur (i.e., Bordeaux futures) system for releasing wines in 2012, and available quantities are already scarce. There are only 38 US listings for this wine, compared to an average of 128 listings for each of the other four First Growth Bordeaux. Scarcity combined with global demand can be a key factor in driving price appreciation for fine wine.

The 2015 vintage is a remarkable example of the quality of wine produced by Chateau Latour and is certain to be highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. The vintage received a 98-point rating from Wine Advocate and averaged a 97-point score across all critics. At 97 points, the 2015 Latour is on the same tier as the 2009 vintage, which is currently trading at a 42.43% premium. This similarity in quality and disparity in price points to the relative value to be found in the newly released 2015s compared to vintages of a similar caliber. This relative value and the potential for appreciation is compounded by the steady performance of Bordeaux as a whole, with the Liv-ex Bordeaux 500 Index seeing 14.9% growth over the last two years.

In summary, the 2015 Latour Collection is an exceptional investment opportunity for those looking to add a blue-chip Bordeaux producer to their collection. With its history of excellence, relative scarcity, and high ratings, the 2015 Chateau Latour vintage is an excellent addition to any wine portfolio.