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Assets in Château Margaux Vertical Collection

Château Margaux Vertical Collection

Nine Top Vintages Produced By The Château Over The Past 20 years

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Key Highlights

Historic Bordeaux Producer & Global Brand Power

As one of the five Bordeaux First Growth châteaux, Château Margaux has been among the most respected producers for centuries. In 2021 the château ranked on the Liv-ex Brand Power 100 and is in the top-5 most searched for Bordeaux on Wine Searcher which demonstrating consistent demand both on the secondary market and with consumers.

Top Scores from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

This collection features a curated selection of the top vintages of Château Margaux from the past 20 years. Reflecting the quality of the vintages, all of the wines featured in this collection scored 98-points or better by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, including two 100-point wines.

Collection Includes Special Edition 2015 Vintage

The 2015 bottling of Château Margaux features a special edition black label. This limited edition label marked the 200th anniversary of the construction of the iconic château and was dedicated to Paul Pontallier, a fixture at Margaux who passed in 2015. The limited edition bottling has been the most sought-after vintage of the past 20 years and currently commands a 77.74% premium over the average price of vintages included in this collection.

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Collection Description

The wines of Château Margaux have been among the most sought-after wines in the world for centuries. Notable Margaux devotees include Thomas Jefferson, who wrote of the 1784 vintage, "there couldn't be a better Bordeaux bottle." This consistent quality of the wines continued into the 1800s when Margaux was counted as one of the original four First Growth châteaux identified in the 1855 classification of Bordeaux Left Bank Producers. Today Margaux maintains its position at the top echelon of the investible wine market, ranked #10 on the Liv-ex Brand Power 100.

This collection features nine top vintages produced by the Château over the past 20 years. Dating back to the iconic 2000 vintage, the wines in this collection were hand selected based on scores, relative value, and liquidity/demand criteria. The wines featured in this collection scored 98-points or better by Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, with the 2018 and 2019 vintages achieving the coveted 100-point score. Vint also identified that five of the vintages featured in this collection are currently trading below market value according to Liv-ex based on their current prices and the performance of similar scoring vintages. Additional value is also achieved by the fact that the collection is a vertical, meaning that multiple vintages from a single producer are compiled as a set. Verticals can attract collectors willing to pay a premium to acquire multiple vintages in a single parcel rather than having to source each vintage separately.

Further adding value for future buyers is that the provenance of this collection's wines is impeccable. Seven of the nine vintages in this collection were sourced directly from a single negociant in Bordeaux. Meaning that, before Vint's acquisition, the negociant-stored wines had only moved once from the château to the negociant's warehouse less than 20 miles away. All wines featured in this collection have been stored "in bond" in professional storage facilities and are in pristine condition.

Among the super-star vintages featured in this collection, the 2015 vintage stands out as unique.

Bottles of the 2015 Margaux vintage featured limited edition black labels marking the 200th anniversary of the construction of the iconic classically-inspired château that adorns each bottle of Margaux. Additionally, the vintage was dedicated to the long-time managing director of Margaux, Paul Pontallier, who passed away in 2015. These unique attributes and the fact that Robert Parker's Wine Advocate awarded the 2015 vintage 99-points have made this wine one of the most sought-after Châteaux Margaux in history. Due to the intense market demand, the 2015 commands an average price 77.74% higher than the average bottle price of the wines featured in this collection.

With a track record of demand dating back to 1855 and even before, the First Growth wines of Bordeaux have developed global appeal making them one of a handful of assets that have maintained their prominence across centuries. As demonstrated in the nine vintages featured in this collection, Château Margaux has continued its tradition of quality and continues to reinforce its position as one of the most sought-after wines in the world.