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Assets in Right Bank Bordeaux Values

Right Bank Bordeaux Values

Three Recent Vintages From Three Prestigious Bordeaux Right Bank Producers

$95,000Collection Value
950Total Shares
600Total Bottles
2025 - 2028Estimated Sale
$100Share Price

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Key Highlights

Rising Quality

Of the past 10 physical vintages, the average score for the producers in this basket is up from 91.67 points (2012 - 2014) to 95.33 points (2019 - 2021) based on aggregated critic scoring. These results are the culmination of investment by these producers both in the vineyards and wineries, all with a serious focus on improving consistency, quality, and global reputation into the future.

Below Market Value

Vint is offering this collection at 5.09% below the estimated fair market value, with an average FMV of $174.32 a bottle. This value strategy is at the heart of the thesis for this collection. It provides investors the opportunity to acquire a stake in assets with strong fundamentals for potential growth priced at a price point that is below the market-defined value of the assets.

Elite Scores

The average score awarded by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate for the wines in this collection is 98.11 points. This includes the stellar 2020, which saw both La Conseillante and Canon score perfect 100-point scores, with Troplong Mondot just behind at 99 points. The 100-point score aligns La Conseillante and Canon with Petrus regarding quality for the vintage and positions them among only six Bordeaux wines to be awarded 100 points for the 2020 vintage as of publication.

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Collection Description

Although the wines of the Right Bank in Bordeaux don’t have the same extensive classification system seen on the Left Bank, the generally lower production levels and high level of quality has led to strong demand and steadily increasing prices for decades. This Right Bank Value Collection targets wines from producers that have been steadily outperforming their peers over the past decades in terms of superlative results in quality and scores. Spanning the renowned appellations of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion, the producers featured in this collection include Troplong Mondot, La Conseillante, and Canon. The extensive investments that these châteaux have made both in the vineyard and winery have led to scores rivaling those of the top names in each region, including Petrus, Le Pin, and Cheval Blanc.

One of the key advantages of this collection is its entry price, which is estimated at 5.09% below fair market value at the time of writing. The average estimated fair market value of the collection is $174.32 a bottle, which positions these wines well below similarly scored wines from the same regions, making them attractive to investors and consumers alike. Adding to the quality and desirability of the wines, the 2018, ‘19, and ‘20 vintages are considered to be a trio of great vintages, as such, many connoisseurs will want to own wines from all three vintages increases the collectability of the wines as well as their potential for appreciation over time.

Furthermore, the past 10 physical vintages of the producers in this collection have seen an increase in average score from 91.67 to 95.33 points. This improvement can be attributed to the investments made in the wineries and vineyards, with the goal of improving quality. This bodes well for the quickly rising reputations of these producers as collectors and merchants continue to look for top-tier quality outside the highest end of the price bracket.

In summary, this Right Bank value collection offers investors the opportunity to invest in highly-rated wines priced advantageously when compared to similarly scored wines. The combination of an attractive entry price, consistently improving scores, and a trio of great vintages makes this collection an attractive investment opportunity.