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Assets in 2019 Rousseau “Trinity” Burgundy Collection

2019 Rousseau “Trinity” Burgundy Collection

Celebrated Wines From One of Burgundy’s Greatest Domaines

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2025 - 2028Estimated Sale
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Key Highlights

Burgundy 150 Index is Top Performing Region YTD

The Liv-ex Burgundy 150 is up 28.5% YTD making wines from Burgundy the top performing on the secondary market. Building on over 30% growth over the past two years, the limited supply of wines from top Burgundy producers and strong demand continue to result in growth for the category.

Armand Rousseau is ranked #4 on the Liv-ex Brand Power Rankings

Armand Rousseau is ranked #4 on the Liv-ex Brand Power Index, ranked only behind fellow Burgundy icons Leroy, Arnoux-Lachaux, and Leflaive. This top-tier ranking demonstrates the global prestige and prominence of the Rousseau brand in the eyes of collectors and the global market as a whole.

The Holy Trinity of Chambertin

The vineyards of Chambertin, Clos de Béze, and Clos St-Jacques are known among collectors as the “holy trinity” or “the big three” of the Commune of Gevrey-Chambertin. The wines produced from the grand cru vineyards of Chambertin and Clos de Béze are viewed as the pinnacles of the commune, with Napoleon included as a devotee of Chambertin. Clos St-Jacques, although technically a premier cru vineyard, is widely considered to be in the top three. In fact, if it weren’t for the rule that all grand crus vineyards in Gevrey-Chambertin had to border another grand cru, Clos St-Jacques would almost certainly have been awarded grand cru status.

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Collection Description

“One of Burgundy’s greatest domaines any way you want to look at it - in history, in holdings and in quality of wine.” Burgundy expert and wine critic Jasper Morris perfectly describes Domaine Armand Rousseau in the exhaustive Burgundy resource, “Inside Burgundy.” With holdings in five grand cru vineyards, and three premier cru vineyards, including the famed Clos St. Jacques, Armand Rousseau is synonymous with the historic commune of Gevrey-Chambertin.

The grand cru vineyard of Chambertin has been celebrated for centuries. So much so that Napoleon would have soldiers salute as they marched by. Over time, the vineyards around Chambertin also developed a reputation for producing exquisite wines, leading nine vineyards to be declared grand cru status and an additional twenty-six to be declared premier cru. However, while high-quality wines were produced from all of the classified vineyards, three vineyards consistently stood head and shoulders above the rest, and became known to connoisseurs as “the big three.” These are Chambertin grand cru, Chambertin-Clos de Beze grand cru, and the premier cru vineyard, Clos St.-Jacques. While it may be surprising that a premier cru vineyard is included, many experts have stated that Clos St.-Jacques would have been awarded grand cru status; however, its boundaries weren’t touching another grand cru site, which under Gevrey-Chambertin rules, excluded it from consideration.

Over the past five years, Burgundy has been among the best-performing investments in the wine world, with the Liv-ex Burgundy 150 index up 118.9% and up 27.4% in 2022 alone. This demand has led top Burgundy producers like Armand Rousseau to top the Liv-ex Brand Power 100 index, which measures total value, volume, and the average sale price over a multi-year period. Domaine Armand Rousseau is currently ranked #4, three years after being crowned #1 in 2019. Further, as of August 2022, Armand Rousseau’s Chambertin grand cru was the third most traded red Burgundy YTD. This trading volume illustrates a healthy market, with a sufficient level of demand and liquidity to support rising prices.

Further adding to the appeal of the Vint 2019 Rousseau “Trinity” Burgundy Collection is the fact that 2019 was one of the best vintages in the past 50 years, according to Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate. With a vintage score of 98-points, 2019 is tied with only the 2015 and 2005 vintages as the top-scoring Burgundy vintages since 1970.

The quality of the vintage works only to compound the inherent potential of this offer and provides another opportunity to efficiently diversify into some of the most prestigious and sought-after wines in Burgundy.