How Do Wine Investors Make Money Investing in Wine? Your Questions Answered
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How Do Wine Investors Make Money Investing in Wine? Your Questions Answered

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Every day you lie in bed awake thinking about what investment opportunities you should take.

How much money should you be investing? What types of sectors should you invest in?

Have you ever thought about investing in wine? Stop making investments you're not interested in and start investing in something you love!

Keep reading to learn more about becoming a wine investor.

Why Should I Invest in Wine?

Investing in wine has proven to be less volatile than investing in real estate or the equities market.

Supplementing your portfolio with investments in wine will not only diversify your portfolio but will also help you with managing the risk. Historical data has shown wine investments performing positively for years, and based on the past performance does not appear to be as much volatility in values when compared to some other types of investments.

When it comes to the prices of fine wine, they have appreciated by over 127% in the last 10 years. This fact alone should encourage you to explore wine investing.

What Type of Wine Should I Invest in?

First things first. You don't want to invest in wine without doing the right research. In the past, your best bet for investment opportunities in wine is by looking into classic regions such as Bordeaux.

Nowadays, wine investment opportunities have diversified to feature wines from regions around the world. An example of a new hot region is wines from Tuscany called SuperTuscans, which has seen solid performance in recent years along with Italian wines as a whole. Whatever wine you choose to invest in, there are a few factors you should always take into account

Historical data has shown investment prices have had a positive correlation with supply and wine development. Because of this, you want to make sure the wine you are looking to invest in improves with age.

How Much Will Investing Cost Me?

The best part about the investment opportunities in wine is that you get to decide how much to invest. You used to have to invest by the bottle or collection, but now with Vint you can purchase as little as a single share (less than $70) in a collection of the best wines in the world. Previously, the minimum you had to spend was in the thousands of dollars, while others spend well over a million dollars on fine wine investing.

Depending on the amount of money you have for investments, you can allocate this to different types of fine wines via different Vint collections.

How Do I Make Money From My Investments?

This is where Vint makes life easy! Vint monitors markets and prices to identify when wines will be able to be sold for maximum returns. In order to maximize our sale opportunities, we utilize our networks of partners that span retail, exchanges, wine auctions, and more.

Start Investing in Wine

Are you ready to start investing in wine? You'll be diversifying your investment portfolio by doing something you love.

Sign up and explore our collections today!

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