Vint 2010 Decade Collection Interactive Map
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Vint 2010 Decade Collection Interactive Map

Map of Best of Decade Collection Vineyards

Vint 2010 Decade Collection Interactive Map

To properly appreciate what makes a famous wine or winemaking region special, it is essential to understand where in the world they are located. Wine geography helps you understand the general climate for a region (ex. high latitudes tend to be cooler) and why a vintage can be great in one region and not as quality in another. Additionally, maps help with grasping potential proximity-driven cultural influences and how those can impact the style of a wine.

As part of our mission to offer extensive educational materials for our community, we have worked with our partners at Saturnalia to create a map featuring the vineyards of the wines featured in the 2010 Decade Collection. The interactive map linked below offers you the opportunity to see each wine's location and vineyard outlines featured in the collection.

You will be able to see where Mouton Rothchild is located on the Left Bank of Bordeaux and how the location and size of the vineyard holdings compare to Le Pin, which has far less land planted and is located on the Right Bank.

Next, you will also see how Ribera del Duero, the home of Pingus, is not exceptionally far from Bordeaux. This general proximity led many Bordeaux winemakers and merchants to travel to Northern Spain in the late 1800's during the phylloxera plague ravaging Europe and left an indelible impact on the winemaking style of the region ever since. As you will see, Pingus is sourced from multiple top cru vineyards across the region.

Last but not least, you can zoom in on Clos Saint-Jacques in the famed Burgundy commune of Gevrey-Chambertin and see the vineyard on the slopes of the Côte d'Or.

Vint 2010 Decade Collection Interactive Map

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